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Join us for one or more of our Relationship Marketing and Social Media Mayhem classes. Each class is only $20. Buy the four pack and get 4 for $50. Sign up for the entire series* and get everything for $99. We’ll also include two one hour consulting sessions to walk through your specific needs.

*Once you purchase the four or eight pack you can come to any of the classes within a 12 month period

Relationship Marketing and Mayhem Series

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Facebook Marketing Strategies

Chances are your business has a Facebook page. Are you using it to effectively engage people that “like” you? Do you have a strategy to get new “likes”? What does it take to get noticed by people on Facebook? Join this class for a real world guide on Facebook marketing strategies. You’ll learn exactly what it takes to gain a following, generate engagement and drive conversions and business.

Using Twitter to Make Your Business Fly

Twitter is the most powerful conversation in the world! For many businesses Twitter can be a great source of leads, customer service, business connections, and industry information. Businesses that tweet and engage have a greater trust factor with consumers. Build relationships on Twitter that can generate leads and sales. Learn the language, see the power of Twitter search, grow a following and get five Twitter tools that will make your experience more efficient.

Blogging for Better Business

Web sites with an active blog get 5x more organic search engine traffic. In the world of social media a blog is the only content you will always own. Learn to make a blog your central place of activity that drives customers to your site. Content is king, discover how consistent and pointed content will give you search engine gold. Join this class and see your web traffic increase and turn your visits into leads.

Google+ Why It Matters Now More Than Ever

Does Google+ (Plus) matter? Currently the third largest social tool, Google+ matters now more than ever because SEARCH rules the world. With recent changes to Google’s search algorithm, your Google+ content gets priority on search. Don’t miss out on the powerful opportunity to increase your search engine rankings.

Groupon – Deal Sites the Right Way

When used correctly, Groupon is a powerful marketing tool. When used incorrectly customers get a poor experience and businesses can quickly be overextened. Learn the tips from the pros who have been there and done Groupon (and other deal sites) the right way. Build your custom base, get repeat business, and avoid losing your shorts, take this class.

Creating Business Interest with Pinterest

With over 11 million unique visitors in January, Pinterest is the fastest growing independant social media site ever. How can you leverage this visual bookmarking site for your business. See how Pinterest is driving more web site referral traffic than YouTube, LinkedIn and Google+ combined. Once you’ve got the eyes on your site, make the most of it with the right conversion strategy.

Advanced Facebook Marketing Techniques 

Facebook marketing is more than status updates, pictures and funny quotes. Learn how you can create innovative campaigns that drive “likes,” engage fans, and even sell product right on your Facebook page…just like the big boys. In this class we’ll discuss campaign ideas, Facebook ads, FBML pages and installing a custom eStore.

How to Make Money Online

Want to make money with your products, services or advice online? Learn the proper steps to monetize your expertise. The window is now to own the online space and there are specific steps you can take to maximize your exposure. Learn the exact strategies to succeed. We’ll tackle the seven essentials for online success and how you can make money while you sleep.

Follow the current series of classes and register at



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