Speaking & Training

Josh Wade has inspired and motivated thousands of people through his keynote speeches and training seminars. Josh shares the techniques and lessons he has learned building Nectar Tasting Room, Spokane Wine Magazine and nectarMEDIA through social media tools and relationship marketing.

Relationships make the world go round. He who has the most relationships wins. So, how do you do it? There is more to it than shaking hands and kissing babies right? As you’ll soon learn social media is relationships on steroids. The ability to instantly connect with customers, clients, partners, and fans is a powerful tool that every business MUST have at their disposal. Josh’s training and talks will not only give you the theory behind the tools but will show you the practical steps to grow an army of business ambassadors.

Public Speaking & Keynotes

Hire Josh Wade to bring a fun and engaging spirit to your event. Josh speaks on a wide range of topics from wine and branding to branding and technology. Josh’s low key and down to earth approach will have your audience motivated and inspired to tackle the challenges and obstacles of new media world.

Book Josh for engagements by filling out the contact form below.

Topics Include

  • * Relationship Marketing
  • * Planting the Seeds of Social Media Success (an overview of Social Media marketing tools)
  • * Branding Your Business in the New Media Age
  • * Make Money While You Sleep
  • * Content is King, Conversation is Queen, Engagement Rules

Speaking fee is $2000 (plus travel expenses); Panel participation $1000 (plus travel expenses)


Training Classes / Presentations

Planting the Seeds of Social Media Success

Want to make wine? Harvesting a crop of wine grapes takes time, patience and care. Social media is the same way. Josh shares an overview of social media and relationship marketing strategies including Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, Google+ and more. If your organization is in need of a comprehensive talk about the power of relationship marketing this is the presentation for you. Learn the keys of content, care, conversation and share along with 5 no brainers and key strategies for each of the popular social networks.

Facebook – Enlist and Engage Brand Ambassadors 

Have a business page? Learn how to maximize engagement, grow your brand base and build a loyal following of brand ambassadors. Understand how Facebook algorithm works and how you can ensure showing up in the news feed of your fans. Maximize growth with Facebook campaigns, advertising, and proper status update posts.

Twitter – Using Twitter to Make Your Business Fly

Twitter is one of the most powerful marketing and relationship building tools currently available. Learn the language, grow a following, and monitor any conversation about any topic in the world. The class covers the uses of Twitter, how to tweet, how to grow a following, and how to monitor the ROI of your efforts. This is a can’t miss class for people struggling with Twitter or who have been reluctant to join.

Blogging – Blogging for Better Business

Social media tools like Facebook and Twitter may be long gone in 5 years but your blog content is yours forever. Learn the powerful upside to blogging, maximize your SEO (search engine optimization), get ideas for new blog posts, see how a blog can become your full blown web presence, and learn how to practically use a blog to build your business.

Google+ – Search Rules the World

Google rules the world. See why Google and Google+ changed the rules and why you NEED to be on Google+. This class walks through the basics of setting up and using this powerful tool. Immediately improve your search engine rankings and drive traffic and engagement with your new circle of friends.

Pinterest – Creating Brand Interest with Pinterest

What is all the Pinterest craze? Curious about how you can use this hot new visual sharing tool to create interest for your business and drive traffic to the products and services you sell? Pinterest currently outpaces Facebook 3 to 1 for web site referral traffic. Learn how you can capitalize on this new tool. Join Josh Wade of Nectar Tasting Room / Spokane Wine Magazine and Nectar Media to pin down the best practices of Pinterest and see how other brands and businesses are using this new medium.

Fads, Fun and the Future 

Groupon, QR Codes, Foursquare and more. How can  your business best capitalize on these tools to drive traffic and generate sales. Learn the best practices for using Groupon and other ‘deal bases’ sites. Get listed on search engines by claiming your territory on sites like Google Places, Yelp, Urban Spoon and other review sites. Let the online network work for you instead of you working the online network.

Book Josh for a local corporate training session for $250

Look for occasional classes provided by local organizations



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