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Mastering Facebook Engagement in 10 Easy Steps

How do you get noticed on Facebook? Statistics say that users who like a page are 60-70% more likely to do business with that brand, but 90% of users never return to a brand page after they like it. Understanding how Facebook works can help you generate more impressions and awareness, which of course is the key to making conversions. Download this free eBook (pdf) to be on your way to a more engaging Facebook experience for your business and brand.

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Relationship Marketing – Winning in the World of Social Media

“In this new wave of technology, you can’t do it all yourself, you have to form alliances.”

~Carlos Slim Helu (world’s wealthiest man; Forbes Magazine)

What would it mean to you and your bottom line to have a loyal group of 100 ambassadors whom you could count on to help you market and spread the word? I would venture to guess that if you really thought about it, you could envision a staggering increase in sales, brand impressions, and marketing power. What if that hundred could quickly turn into thousands, generating brand impressions and awareness. Learn how to bridge the gap between online and offline relationships to drive conversions and sales to your product, service or brand.

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theJUICE – a nectarMEDIA publication

Stay connected to all the latest trends and tips with the nectarMEDIA eNewsletter. Ever day we scan the internet for the latest information and strategies for social media success. Let us distill all of that information and deliver it right to your inbox every month. You’ll get our take on the latest news and how it impacts you and how you can leverage it for growth.

// Weekly Coaching Call ($39.97 / mo)

We’ve all been there, we have a question about using social media, we’re stuck with strategy, or we want to know what something means for our brand – but we don’t know who to ask. Join the nectarMEDIA 30 minute weekly coaching call where we’ll answer all the burning questions, talk shop on the latest trends, and offer up suggestions that will help propel your business to the next level. Each week you’ll hear from leaders in the industry and have access to their elite strategies and advice. Consider this your marketing mastermind group!

// theJUICE and Coaching Call 2pack ($49.97 / mo)

Get both the monthly eNewsletter (theJUICE) and the weekly conference call for a discounted price of just $49.97 per month. With these two products you’ll have access to all the



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