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Google, SEO and Social Media – Get Listed

Google recently announced the most major transformation ever to their search algorithm and how it displays results to users. The “Search, plush your world” combines data from Google+ networks and the public internet. These changes propel Google+ into the status of major player in the social network wars for our attention. How will these changes … Continue reading

How Groupon Can Make or Break Your Business

Groupon and daily deal sites are projected to be worth over $4.2 billion by the year 2015*. There are dozens of daily deal sites, although most of them operate in generally the same way; for small business owners, these daily deals can make or break a business. Thinking of a Groupon? This $20 class can save you thousands. … Continue reading

Marketing Data: Effectiveness of Social Media Strategies

From the Marketing Sherpa’s chart of the week we see some very interesting data on the effectiveness of various social media strategies. Search optimization and building relationships with social influencers are no surprise the most effective strategies. A consistent and moderated strategy on social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc is incredibly strong as well. … Continue reading

No, I Won’t Be Your Facebook Friend

Dear business owner, I don’t want to be your friend. I don’t want my personal information being in your feed. I’m sure you don’t need to know about my friend drama or how high my bedazzled score is. I want to like you. I want to be a fan of your business, but we don’t … Continue reading

3 Rules of Relationship Marketing

Last week, I had the opportunity and good fortune to share my Thanksgiving wine picks with Spokane area wine lovers on KXLY920 radio station and KXLY TV’s Good Morning Northwest show. While some may think of me as a media whore, I love these opportunities to showcase Spokane wine and of course Nectar Tasting Room. … Continue reading

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